DoC Lab is a research group based at Brunel University London and is part of the esti2 consortium.

The group is developing a handheld device capable of accepting a raw sample from a person and providing disease specific diagnosis; with results available in minutes rather than days. The sample will be processed using lab-on-a-chip technologies combining biochemistry, molecular diagnostics, MEMS/NEMS based microfluidics and electronics including wireless technology within the handheld device.  DoC Lab intends to produce a modular platform as outlined below.

Our main objectives are to produce an automated device with:

  • Raw sample input (blood, urine, saliva, swabs)
  • Multiple pathogen detection
  • Rapid sample in to answer out <30mins
  • Single use (disposable), closed loop microfluidic cartridges

Other research interests include paper based molecular diagnostics, sample preparation, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), antimicrobial resistance and organ-on-a-chip.

Portable device

Automated device in development


Low cost isothermal platform and disposable microfluidic cartridge

Modular System Overview

Modular system overview

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